09 MARKETING | Are you attracting the right customers? Maximize your marketing dollars! w/Sherrin Ross Ingram, The International Center for Strategic Business Planning.

Sherrin Ross Ingram, an attorney-trained master strategist, best-selling author, and chief executive officer of the International Center for Strategic Planning, shares her critical insights on the art and science of developing a strategic marketing plan. Find out how to track and measure your marketing activities to get the highest possible return on your marketing spend.

Sherrin Ross Ingram is Chief Executive Officer of the International Center for Strategic Planning and the Board Chair of private advisory boards for CEOs and business owners at some of Illinois’ most successful privately held businesses. The International Center for Strategic Planning provides assistance with all phases of strategic planning, and develops economic models that help forward thinking organizations monitor and forecast demand for their products and services. She is also a successful attorney, best-selling author of several books, and founder of The Foundation for Real Nutrition and Sustainable Living (which she established after witnessing the positive dramatic effects that a diet of nutrient rich food had on her son's recovery from autism). Learn more about Sherrin’s work at http://www.sherrin.com.