141 STRATEGY | How To Write This Book - and why you should (or NOT ; ) w/Laura Gale.

Laura Gale, content marketing expert and best-selling author, shares insights from How To Write This Book, designed to help entrepreneurs write, publish and market books that can transform the growth and value of your business. Find out if writing a book is a good fit for your business goals. Learn the exact process that will take you from your big idea all the way through drafting, editing, and publishing your book, and on to your book launch and beyond.

About Laura Gale


Laura Gale got her start as a publicist for Hachette, a global publishing house, and worked on projects like the Twilight phenomenon, JK Rowling's post-Harry Potter publications, and the personal memoirs of Michael Palin, Nelson Mandela and Tina Fey.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Laura now lives in Lisbon, Portugal (and spends a good part of the year in the US for events).

She started Gale Creative to help entrepreneurs and marketers to write, publish and market books that transform their businesses. She is certified by Digital Marketer in content marketing, conversion funnel optimization, and traffic acquisition, and has a degree in writing and publishing.

Laura is the author of How To Write This Book: Write, Publish & Market Your Business Bestseller, and Content That Converts: How to Build A Profitable and Predictable B2B Content Marketing Strategy. This book was a bestseller in Amazon's Marketing category, and in it, she outlines all the information she uses to create successful campaigns and assets for clients.