125 STRATEGY | Why effective outsourcing should be a component of every entrepreneur's growth strategy. w/Derek Gallimore.

Derek Gallimore, Founder of Outsource Accelerator, the world's leading outsourcing information advisory and education hub, shares critical insights on what business activities to outsource as well as the changing role of the employee. Learn how you can use outsourcing as part of your growth strategy to reduce staffing costs by up to 70% and streamline core processes throughout your business.

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About Derek Gallimore


Derek Gallimore is a serial entrepreneur who has experienced the fullest highs and lows of the entrepreneurial roller coaster.  He has built multimillion-dollar property portfolios, has bootstrapped a 20 million dollar business and has seen it all come crumbling down.

Derek has lived and worked in five countries and travelled through dozens more.  He has embodied remote, online and international work since 2008 – well before the phrases were even coined.

Derek has been outsourcing in Philippines since 2011 and believes that outsourcing is one of the most potent and transformative business tools available today.  As a result, he founded Outsource Accelerator, which as the ‘Alibaba of outsourcing’, provides the gateway for businesses to connect with outsourcing suppliers.