78 FINANCE | How to make tax planning an integral part of your business strategy. w/Craig Smalley.

Craig Smalley, Author of 12 books on taxation issues and Small Business Accounting Advisor for the Google Small Business Community, shares his insights on how to make tax planning an integral part of your business strategy. Learn how to lower your tax burden and keep more of what you earn.

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About Craig Smalley

Craig Smalley is the Co-Founder and CEO of CWSEAPA®, Tax Crisis Center®, and Cannabis Accounting Group. He has been admitted to practice before the Internal Revenue Service as an Enrolled Agent, is a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist, and has a Master’s Certificate in Taxation from UCLA. Craig has been in practice for almost 23 years. He is well versed in US Tax Law, and U.S. Tax Court Cases. He specializes in taxation, entity structuring and restructuring, corporations, partnerships and individual taxation, as well as representation before the IRS regarding negotiations, audits and appeals. In his many years of practice, he has been exposed to a variety of businesses and has an excellent knowledge of most industries. Craig is a columnist for AccountingWEB, Cannabis Business Executive, CPA Trendlines, and Ganjapreneur. He has had twelve books published on various topics in taxation. His articles have also been featured in the Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Yahoo Finance, Nasdaq, and several other newspapers, periodicals, and magazines. He has been interviewed and been a featured guest on many radio shows and podcasts.