145 SALES | Why humanizing sales is the key to winning more business in a technology-driven world. w/ Andy Paul.

Andy Paul, Best-selling author and host of the top-rated sales podcast, Accelerate! with Andy Paul, is a go-to resource for sales leaders and top sales producers. Andy shares insights from inside The Sales House, the first all-in-one personal growth program for modern B2B sellers, that he founded in 2018. Learn how to navigate the challenges of attracting, connecting, and closing more customers in an increasingly distracted marketplace.

About Andy Paul

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Over a successful sales career spanning four decades, Andy Paul has sold everything from women’s shoes to complex communications systems that sold for tens of millions of dollars. Selling well over half a billion dollars’ worth of products and services to companies ranging from small businesses to some of the world’s largest enterprises, it’s safe to say Andy knows sales.

Drawing on 18 years of experience as a consultant helping CEOs transform their companies’ sales efforts, and from his interviews with more than 700 CEOs, founders and world-class thought leaders on the biggest challenges facing sellers today, Andy launched The Sales House in late 2018.

The Sales House is the first all-in-one personal development program for the modern B2B seller. Where sales training fails, The Sales House enables sellers with the skills and confidence to sell with Impact; to build effective relationships that engage the interest and trust of buyers; and to serve the needs of buyers with value, insights, and acumen.

Learn more at AndyPaul.com