131 LEADERSHIP | How the craft of expert coaching can unlock the talent on your team. w/Bruce R. Dorey.

Bruce R. Dorey, Executive Coach and Consultant, shares insights from his book LIFT: The New Craft of Coaching. Learn how you can apply lessons from behavioral science to develop the next generation of leaders in your business.

About Bruce R. Dorey

Bruce Robert Dorey delivers customized consulting and coaching to business people globally. Through his book LIFT | The New Craft of Coaching, and related content and programs, Bruce works with people and organizations to structure independent and organizational intergenerational coaching and coach training programs that share essential knowledge and wisdom, while benefiting all parties and society as a whole.

A mechanical engineer by training, Bruce has integrated a technical background with his extensive corporate, consulting and coaching experience. Bruce brings a proven process and perspective; focusing only on the critical financial, developmental and performance metrics. Having spent almost half of his over thirty years in business overseas, in the Middle East and Europe, Bruce is well-versed in issues of cross-cultural and intergenerational communication. An important aspect of his work has been in support of the transition of the management and leadership to the next generation.

After a successful career as an executive in international manufacturing, Bruce sees his future as coach and coach trainer, consultant and speaker. Toward that end, he earned a certification from Georgetown University’s intensive Leadership Coaching Program.

From competitive tennis and hockey as a young man, through his international corporate career, to his recent individualized consulting and speaking practice, Bruce has consistently recognized the importance of collaboration and shared expertise.  As a mechanical engineer, from the University of Toronto Bruce has a passion for physics and psychology.  He also has an MBA from St. Thomas University (USA) and a PhD from ISM (France) focused on Organizational Development and International Business. Bruce is a Senior Executive Fellow at the Kennedy School, Harvard.

With LIFT and associated programs, Bruce now shares his knowledge and experience with others, inside the corporate arena and beyond.