90 SALES | How a simple change of thinking will help you close more deals. w/Tim Sanders.

Tim Sanders, technology pioneer and New York Times best-selling author shares insights from his book Dealstorming: The secret weapon that can solve your toughest sales challenges. Find out how to use the lessons of Dealstorming to promote collaboration in your sales culture, and navigate the complexity of today’s sales process.

About Tim Sanders

Tim Sanders is a New York Times bestselling author, public speaker, and former Yahoo! executive. He joined Yahoo! through the acquisition of Mark Cuban's Broadcast.com in 1999. After arriving at Yahoo!, Sanders created and led the "ValueLab," an internal group dedicated to providing insight into Yahoo!'s customers. Later, he gained an executive position as Chief Solutions Officer, and was promoted to Leadership Coach before leaving the company.

Today, Sanders is perhaps best known for his bestselling books Love is the Killer App and The Likeability Factor (Crown Publishing Group 2005), as well as his video series The Dirty Dozen Rules of Email Etiquette. Sanders also performs public speaking engagements several times a year on topics such as making a difference in the workplace and building relationships. Sanders' third book, Saving the World at Work, was released on September 16, 2008, followed up by Today We Are Rich, in 2011. Sanders writes a monthly column for One+ magazine, the official publication of MPI.

In 2016, Tim Sanders published Dealstorming. The book translates years of experience coaching sales teams into a creativity technique that aims at helping sales people close more challenging B2B deals.