41 SALES | How to get more sales now! w/Donald Kelly.

Donald Kelly, an award winning speaker, sales mentor and host of “The Sales Evangelist Podcast” shares critical insights on what business owners can do now to improve their sales process and success rate.  Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes business owners make in their approach to sales, and discover the proven tactics you can use in today’s ever-evolving marketplace to increase your conversions, improve cash flow, and generate more revenue for your business.


"The 3 Most Underused Practices You Can Implement Today and Gain 50% More Referrals"


About Donald Kelly

Donald Kelly is an award winning speaker, sales mentor and host of “The Sales Evangelist Podcast”. With his years of sales experience and the expert guests he brings on his show, Donald offers struggling inexperienced sellers and entrepreneurs the tools to bring their income and careers to a top producer’s status.

His podcast also recently receive national recognition from Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance and The South Florida Business Journal as an emerging entrepreneurial podcast. When he’s not traveling the country evangelizing the message of effective selling, offering workshops, or mentoring clients, Donald loves to spend time with his beautiful wife soaking in the South Florida sun!