31 DATA ANALYTICS | How to make better decisions by weeding out bad data. w/John H. Johnson and Mike Gluck.

John H. Johnson, PhD, expert economist and statistician, and writer/marketer Mike Gluck discuss their new book Everydata: The Misinformation Hidden in the Little Data You Consume Every Day. Learn how to analyze data more effectively and make better business decisions, by understanding the traps in the way that information is collected and communicated

EVERYDATA™ is filled with countless examples of people misinterpreting data – often with catastrophic results. For example:

  • The Space Shuttle Challenger exploded because of a limited sample set

  • The media uses misleading forecasts to report on elections

  • Attorneys faced a $1 billion jury verdict due to outlier data

  • Pregnant women avoid caffeine because they interpret correlation as causation

EVERYDATA™ will give you concrete ways to understand all of the data around you, so you can make smarter decisions at work and at home

Praise for EVERYDATA™

“...entirely engrossing and entertaining from the start.”
— 800-CEO-READ

“a tour-de-force of statistical literacy.” — BoingBoing.net
“Enlightening and educational, Everydata is a ‘must-read’ for the twenty-first century.” — Midwest Book Review

"This book educates readers on how to navigate the increasingly dense information environment… [Johnson and Gluck] hit key points on the importance of information literacy today." — Publishers Weekly

"I can’t imagine a more relevant read." — Paul Walsh, VP of Weather Analytics and Meteorologist, The Weather Company
“With fun and verve, John and Mike take us through the essential steps to becoming a sophisticated consumer of the data that surrounds us." — Esther Duflo, professor of Economics, MIT, and co-founder and co-director, J-PAL

“An invaluable read!” —Bradley Horowitz, VP, Photos and Streams at Google

“I cannot recommend this book enough.” — Joshua D. Wright, professor of Law and Economics, George Mason University and former commissioner, Federal Trade Commission


About John H. Johnson, PhD.

John H. Johnson, PhD is President and CEO of Edgeworth Economics, and a professional economist, expert witness, author, and speaker. Through his leadership, Edgeworth Economics has become one of the world’s premier economic consulting firms. Dr. Johnson is known internationally for his ability to explain highly sophisticated concepts in a simple, straightforward manner and brings this skill to his consulting, writing, and speaking.
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About Mike Gluck

Mike Gluck is an award-winning writer and marketer who has written for leading organizations nationwide. He has led the creation of multi-million dollar advertising campaigns, and has worked on behalf of Time Warner Cable, Fisher-Price, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and Riverside Health System, among others. As President of Gluckworks – a copywriting and marketing firm – Mike’s expertise is making complex topics easy to understand.
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