25 STRATEGY | How to partner with your local college for recruiting, consulting, and more! w/Nick Georgoudiou, Rollins College.

Nick Georgoudiou, Director of Admission for the Hamilton Holt School at Rollins College, explains how establishing a relationship with a college or university can help business owners to recruit new interns and/or employees, offer education opportunities to their existing employees, and collaborate on new ideas by providing faculty with real world scenarios for classes to research. Find out how you can take advantage of this incredible resource to increase the value of your workforce.

Nick Georgoudiou is Director of Admission for the Hamilton Holt School at Rollins College, where he works primarily with adult and nontraditional students earning a degree in the evening. Along with working there for the last five years, he’s a graduate of Rollins as well, in their MBA program.


Prior to joining Rollins, Nick has spent 15 years primarily in marketing and website development. An adult learner himself, he went to four colleges in the 7 and a half years it took him to earn his bachelor degree. During that time, odd jobs included radio DJ, content provider for a channel on America Online, and math tutor, to name a few.