19 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY | How cloud computing can improve your bottom line. w/author Ed Mahon

Ed Mahon, author of Transitioning the Enterprise to the Cloud: A Business Approach, discusses insights from his book on how and what to assess in your current technology environment to develop a cloud strategy to streamline your information management and data storage needs. 

About Ed Mahon

Edward G. Mahon is responsible for the enterprise-wide architecture and operations of the information technology systems in place at Kent State University, as well as the overall vision for the university's information technology environment in the future. Ed is responsible for developing and executing a technology strategy that supports the university’s strategic goals.

With experience in data communications and information technology and services, Ed continues to place emphasis on research and continuous learning. Currently, Ed is focused on integrating innovative technologies such as the cloud into Kent State’s service delivery model, as well as maintaining a high quality of service in all initiatives. Ed has also made a point over the past four years to share his knowledge and experiences with the student body by volunteering as an adjunct professor, teaching the graduate courses “Technology Management in Knowledge Organization,” and “Global Technology Strategy,” as well as serving recently as a Fulbright Scholar Mentor.